About us
Navigating through Health Insurance is like a maze. You are met with many pitfalls and challenges in today's world that can be daunting, to say the least. This ranges from denials of claims (even when in-network) from even the biggest providers to simply unaffordable plans for individuals and family alike.
So here at Life Creek Health, we knew there had to be another way and we made it our mission to find it. We believe people should be able to afford to take care of their loved ones and themselves, and should not have to be beholden to corporate entities that care more about the value of your premiums than they do your well-being. Our mission was to find the alternative, and we found it.
With traditional Health Insurance, 5% of the population causes more than 50% of the costs. Solutions such as the Affordable Care Act plans can cost families thousands per month, and can be unaffordable even for individuals. This leads to the majority of people suffering in a system not built to be sustainable.
So what is the solution if Health Insurance is forced to stay the same? Well, we found it to be something else.
Health Sharing is a common-sense alternative that brings the core beliefs of what Health Insurance used to be into paying for the modern world of Healthcare. By creating a community of people who share responsibility for each other, it eliminates almost every problem created by traditional health care. Without CEO bonuses, shareholders, or other incentives to deny claims, non-profit healthcare sharing ensures that it is member focused and not market focused.
After delving deeper, Life Creek Health discovered Impact Health Sharing, a not-for-profit healthcare sharing organization built to fit everything that was needed to be the perfect solution to the problems of modern Health Insurance. If you want to know more about what they have to offer, you can reach out to them and even get a free quote here.