Pre-Existing Medical Conditions means any condition that has had signs, symptoms, diagnosis, testing, treatment, or medication use within 36 months prior to the date of membership (based on medical records).
A known sign is any abnormality that indicates disease discovered on examination or diagnostic test prior to signing up. Symptoms are any subjective evidence of disease (as opposed to signs being objective).
An example of this would be if you have been diagnosed with cancer that is now in complete remission, and you are only undergoing testing for surveillance purposes, then bills related to those services would be ineligible for the first 36 months of membership.
If after 36 months you are without signs, symptoms or testing (besides surveillance testing), diagnosis or treatment medication, then medical expenses related to that diagnosis would be eligible.
  • Care or services
  • Diagnostic Measures
  • Prescribed drugs or medications
Pre-existing medical condition limitations do not apply to those 65 years and older.